PNB MasterCard Webpage. 1. The Convert-to-Cash Promo try available to all effective main PNB-issued bank cards in a good credit score standing excluding business and Distribution Cards

PNB MasterCard Webpage. 1. The Convert-to-Cash Promo try available to all effective main PNB-issued bank cards in a good credit score standing excluding business and Distribution Cards

2. Promo stage try from March 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016.

3. All C2C applications is susceptible to PNB’s credit overview and approval.

4. The amount to be switched ought to be a minimum of Php 10,000. Add-on rates as shown below:

5. The sum of the installment transactions generated regarding the PNB Credit Card including interest cannot exceed 80percent in the cardholder’s credit limit or available credit limit, whichever is gloomier, in the course of C2C software. In case of insufficient credit limit, PNB provides the sole discretion to find out and accept just a percentage on the total be used for.

6. to ask about her available borrowing limit for transformation, cardholders may contact the 24/7 Customer Service at 818-9-818 or toll free at 1-800-10-818-9-818.

7. Cardholder can take advantage of the promo via:

a. Over-the-Counter: consult any PNB participating department in the united states add an entirely loaded application form. Proceeds can be introduced in cash or paid to PNB membership.

b. Over-the-Phone: contact the 24/7 Support Service at 818-9-818 or toll-free at 1-800-10-818-9-818. Proceeds is going to be credited to PNB or non-PNB membership.

8. The deposit membership need to be from inside the name from the C2C applicant. For Credit to PNB levels, the accepted C2C key quantity will probably be credited to the Current accounts or Peso checking account specified in the form. For credit score rating to non-PNB levels, PNB shall problem a Manager’s Cheque (MC) payable inside the term on the cardholder. The MC will probably be placed on non-PNB Peso accounts suggested on the form.

9. You will find a running fee of P300 for authorized C2C software, becoming billed into the cardholder’s credit card levels.

10. The C2C quantity, including the relevant interest, shall be ear-marked through the cardholder’s offered credit limit at the time of the approval.

11. All C2C needs shall perhaps not build reward things.

12. If there is very early firing, PNB shall demand a five percentage (5percent) managing fee based about continuing to be outstanding installment amount or Php 500, whichever is actually high. The outstanding utter levels in addition to the relevant charges will be published back once again as standard direct transaction.

13. The monthly amortization paperwork the main minimal amount due inside report of membership (SOA). Should the cardholder choose to only pay the minimum levels due or any levels beneath the complete quantity due, only a portion regarding the C2C shall be regarded as compensated. The outstanding portion of the month-to-month amortization shall be subject to routine finance charges.

14. Cardholder acknowledges his/her accountability to PNB when it comes to C2C approved major quantity which shall means element of their duty into lender.

15. The conditions and terms regulating issuance and employ of PNB bank cards are integrated here by research making an intrinsic part hereof.

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